Postcards for April

The first postcard for April’s design in the “52 Postcards” series is “A Seed’s Journey”, about refugees arriving at their camps with pockets full of seeds from home.  A very poignant thought. Number 15 was “Spring Evening in the Allotments”, which was inspired by a stroll through our nearby allotments at dusk.  With Blackbird song.  Truly an Oasis.  Number 16 was the title of a book by Hillary Mantel, “A Place of Greater Safety”.  I felt it summed up the need to escape fear and uncertainty, and this magic carpet personifies the dream.  “Across the Border”, number 17, is a fanciful notion of two trees ‘meeting’ across a divide, and is meant to signify how daft borders can be when Nature keeps finding it’s own way.  April ended with number 18, “An Oasis in the Making”, when desert plants can sleep through drought but emerge with rain.