Thinking about the Ukrainians

Life has been dominated by the news of the terrible dangers and uncertainties suffered by the Ukrainians…those who’ve left and those who’ve stayed.  The bombing brings back memories of the death of Abu Waad, The Last Gardener of Aleppo, who was killed by a Russian bomb.  And so, like others, we’ve sent some money to a charity.  But I wish I could be of more use.  I can’t go and give medical aid, nor drive a lorry of supplies to the borderlands for the refugees.  Making pictures is all I do, and so I’ve collaged an image of a blue and yellow bird rising from smoke and fire.  “The Rising” represents my fond hope that the grit and determination shown by the Ukrainians in their fight to determine how they wish to live will become a reality.  This picture is now reproduced as either an A6 greeting card (image both sides) with envelopes, or as A6 postcards.  5 greetings cards sell for £4.50 with 50p postage, or £1 per card.  5 Postcards are £3 plus .25p postage.   Half the proceeds will go to the UNHCR.  If interested please send an email to or message my Facebook page Linda Combi Illustration for payment options and delivery information.  Let’s hope for better things in the coming weeks.